A couple of illustrations I did for David James Mills’ final year collection “Bitch Butch”, March 2012

David wanted some quick sketches of his whole collection. He allowed me to interpret the clothes as I wished on the condition I looked at what I would deem very hench men and included exaggerated male parts!


It was an interesting project to work on as I don’t often work in the male form. I learnt that I needed to study anatomy more, muscles are a lot harder to draw than one would think.

David is a truly talented menswear designer, his collection was an inspired mix of rubber and leather created with pastel hues  and contrasting with vibrant shades of orange and olive green. I based my drawings on his sketches as the collection was still in the process of being made. A definite talent of the future.


pencil and marker.

P.S I only scanned these, editing and colour adjustments were done by the designer.

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